Annual Family Discipleship & Homeschool Conference

Building a Godly Legacy
Thu, 28 Sep 2017 Fri, 29 Sep 2017

CHANGE OF VENUE: Now at Arahina Retreat Centre, Wellington Road, Marton

THURSDAY 6:30pm – 8:00pm             FRIDAY:  9:00am – 5:00pm

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With Guest Speaker, Norm Wakefield, from Texas, USA

Norm Wakefield has spoken at Homeschool Conferences as a keynote and featured speaker since 1992. Having been a pastor for 10 years, he has a shepherd’s heart and a vision to be an instrument in God’s hands to turn the hearts of men to Him and to their wives and children. Norm’s messages build up the body of Christ by giving practical, biblical teaching in how to apply the gospel to the most important relationships and the circumstances of life that all home educators face. You’ll find Norm’s messages to be powerfully life-changing because all are based soundly on the gospel with a reliance on the Holy Spirit to give understanding and application to his listeners, whether men, women, or young people.

On the personal side, Norm and Alma have been married for 45 years, have four children, and seventeen grandchildren. They have experience with children with special needs as well since their daughter, Amanda, was born with Down Syndrome.
Norm started the Spirit of Elijah Ministries International in 1997 and is the Executive Director. He has served the homeschooling community faithfully and brings experience, inspiration, spiritual depth, and practical, simple, profound insight into the Scriptures to his audiences.

           Also Featuring:

Mike Cheney, director of AME, Colorado, USA (via skype)


Roy Savage, Elder local Bible Church,Tasmania, Australia

Robert Hunt, Creation Ministries International


Local homeschool parents and graduates

WHAT is this conference about:

This conference focuses on the spiritual, relational and character building aspects of home education rather than academics and curriculum.   It gives Biblical teaching and practical application in the following 3 main areas:

  1. Family discipleship
  2. Family worship (and age-integrated church)
  3. Homeschool family business.

Click here for more information on the 3 pillars of the conference.

WHO is this conference for:

The conference is primarily aimed to serve Christian homeschool families including parents, children and grandparents, and also those who are interested in homeschooling. Friends of such families and pastors of churches that homeschooling families attend would also benefit from the topics raised.

Children are encouraged to come and listen to the speakers. We would like children to catch the vision of what is being shared so the whole family is united.

Aside from one or two topics at workshop electives, all sessions will be child-appropriate.

For small children, bring books to read, colouring books and other quiet toys please. If preschool children are restless, there will be a comfortable area available where mothers with young babies and preschoolers can listen to the speakers.

Registration & Costs:

The conference will run for one day and one evening.

  • Individual costs    $20
  • Family (2 or more people in the same family)    $30

Payment Options

  • Internet Banking:  FHNZ,     ANZ 06-0569-0120525-14
  • Cash on the day


There is some on-site accommodation available at reasonable rates for families.  (Units with bathroom, tent sites, powered campervan site).  Please contact us for availability and pricing.


  1. BYO meals.   The kitchen will be available for you to heat food.
  2. Please bring something to share for morning and afternoon teas.


What talents lie buried within you or members of your family waiting to be discovered and used in Christian ministry!

Come along and present an item at the Conference before a team of trained Christian professionals and be given tips and encouragement to make your ministry or outreach more effective.  Items can be entered as solo events or family items.  Categories include singing, stringed instruments including piano, and memorised scripture recitation.

The focus is on using talents to share the Gospel message or a Biblical principle.   Working on items together as a family  fosters relational and character growth, so we encourage whole families to come have a go!

Check out the Talents for Christ page for more info and contact us for entry guidelines.


Talents for Christ Presentations


Keynote Speaker: Norm Wakefield

Spirit of Elijah Ministries

Norm is the founder and executive director of The Spirit of Elijah Ministries, International. He and his wife Alma live in Bulverde, TX, and have four children (three married), who are walking with Jesus, and seventeen grandchildren. They began homeschooling in 1984 and are still involved in the homeschooling of their grandchildren. Norm has been a keynote and conference speaker at state and international homeschool conventions since 1992. God has given him a p pastor/teacher’s heart to teach how the gospel applies to all relationships and circumstances in life. His knowledge of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures coupled with his homeschool experience enables him to specifically speak to the many challenges homeschool parents, children, and young adults face on a daily basis. What makes Norm unique is that he speaks from his heart to the hearts of his listeners with a reliance upon the Spirit and presence of Jesus Christ. You’ll find his messages biblical, practical, inspirational, and encouraging.

Ken Carpenter

Franklin Springs Media, Tennessee, USA (via skype)

Ken Carpenter started Franklin Springs Family Media several years ago to make films that encourage and edify families. His films, including “A Journey Home” and “The Terri Schiavo Story”, have won numerous film festival awards. He’s also worked for over 20 years on film, television, and video projects for the leading names in Christian entertainment and ministry. He and his wife Devon live in the rolling countryside outside Nashville with their five boys and four girls.

Roy Savage

Tasmania, Australia

Roy has been involved in Christian education for decades and served as the main coordinator of ACE Student Conventions in the South Pacific region for many years. His messages are always firmly grounded in the Word of God and his lively speaking style and personality will leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.


Robert Hunt

Creation Ministries International, NZ

Robert Hunt left behind a promising career as a software engineer in order to attend Bible college and linguistic classes when he retrained to become a Bible translator. Robert, his wife Margaret and their six children then lived with the Matigsalug people in the mountains of the southern Philippines for approximately twenty years as they learnt the language of the people, helped them create an alphabet and literacy materials, and trained a team to translate the Bible into their own language.

A long term lover of science and mathematics, Robert felt mentally liberated when he discovered Creation magazine and realised that he didn’t have to leave his brain at the church door when it came to science and the Bible. He began teaching creation to local church and school groups, as well as organising a community seminar to teach about design in biology.

Robert has also presented God’s Awesome Book seminars around New Zealand for Wycliffe Bible Translators. He enjoys inspiring people in their trust of God’s Word.

Local NZ homeschooling families and homeschool graduates


About the conference:

This conference is aimed primarily at the spiritual aspect of home education rather than academics and curriculum.

  • Covers issues impacting Christian families

  • Valuable spiritual input for Christian homeschool families

  • For homeschooling families and those interested in homeschooling including grandparents and relatives

  • Meet other like-minded Bible-based homeschool families

  • Making a stand against the disintegration of the family

  • Casting a vision for a multi-generational Biblical family model

  • For the whole family so everyone catches the vision together

  • Families praying together for other families

The conference covers the 3 pillars of:

  1. Family Discipleship & Homeschooling

    • Home educating our children is primarily about discipling them in the Christian faith and spreading the Gospel rather than the main priority being academics

    • Encourage parents – especially dads – to turn their hearts towards home and engage with their family in meaningful and fulfilling ways

  2. Family Worship (and age-integrated church)

    • Encouraging daily family devotions

    • Supporting a Biblical integration between church and family life

    • Inspiring parents to take the responsibility to disciple their children supported by the church

  3. Homeschool Family Business

    • Encouraging and supporting those who are home educating and running a business from home or with their family

    • Promoting the concept of the “family economy” where all family members from oldest to youngest joyfully and purposefully work together

    • Encouraging each household to become a centre of production – rather than a centre of consumerism


6:30  Welcome, legacy video

7:00  NORM WAKEFIELD – A Foundational Lesson for Learning

7:45  Supper



9:00am   Welcome, introduce theme

9:15  NORM WAKEFIELD – Creating a Gospel Culture in your Home

10:00  Morning tea

10:30  How the Internet is shaping our Minds and Relationships

11:00  GRAHAM SMITH – developing character in ourselves and our children

11:30  Family Worship + Church

12:00 Lunch

1:00   ROY SAVAGE – Introducing Talents for Christ Presentations

1:15   ROY SAVAGE – Doing your Best for Christ

2:00  ROBERT HUNT – Creation Science Talk

2:45  Afternoon tea

3:15  MIKE CHENEY – Homeschool Family Business – practical insights and steps

4:00  NORM WAKEFIELD – Homeschooling from an Eternal Perspective

4:45  Thank yous

5:00   Finish


Talents For Christ Presentations

Would you like to discover what talents lie within your family waiting to be developed and used in Christian ministry to further the Kingdom of God?

At this year’s conference, you could present a memorised Scripture reading as a family, sing a solo item or sing with members of your family. Come along with your items and have them assessed by trained Christian professionals who will give you free tips to help you make your ministry more effective.

All items presented will need to be suitable for all ages.

Contact us for guidelines on Talents for Christ presentations and assessments and to register

Christian Homeschool Video Competition

$250 to be won

Produce a 3-6 min video on the Conference Theme “Building a Godly Legacy” or Scripture verse Proverbs 13:22a “A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children”.    Open to individual (up to 19 yrs of age inclusive) and family entries.  Winning video will be screened at the Conference, winner must be present to collect prize.

Contact us to learn more about the competition and for guidelines.

Judged before conference, entries must be submitted by 13 Sept 2017.

This conference has already finished. Please sign up for our email updates if you'd like to be informed about future events.

Costs include:

  • Individual costs
    • $20
  • Family (2 or more people in the same family)
    • $30

Payment Options

  • Internet Banking:
  • Cash on the day


Don’t forget! Our Father/Son retreat with Norm Wakefield is also happening that weekend – straight after conference.